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Relationship and Sexuality Expert

"Self-pleasure is essential for female sexual empowerment and pleasure devices support women... "

Elisa Caro is a Relationship and Sexuality Expert who has worked with the team at Happy Collective to provide expert advice and counsel since the l...

We aren’t just an online store, we’re a collective and we believe in spreading happiness, and creating wellness any way that we can. So, what’s a great way to do that? By communicating with one another. Talking, listening, sharing experiences, inspiring and empowering each other to reach the levels of contentment and happiness that we all deserve. To this effect, we here at Happy Collective have started a blog and podcast. The blog introduces all members of Happy Collective and also features unique stories and experiences from inspirational women who have achieved amazing things and created a world of happiness for themselves and those around them. Our podcast is called Happy Vibes, and it’s exactly that. We sit down with amazing women and get lost in conversation. No topic is off limits as we delve into the minds of some of the many women who inspire us the most. 

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