Relationship and Sexuality Expert

Elisa Caro is a Relationship and Sexuality Expert who has worked with the team at Happy Collective to provide expert advice and counsel since the launch of the Smile Maker Collective of vibrators. She has worked with the team to truly understand what it means to normalise female sexuality and help empower women across Australia to really get in touch with their sexual health.

“Women’s sexuality is a fundamental part of being a woman. Self-pleasure is essential for female sexual empowerment and pleasure devices support women in their self-pleasure practice. So my message is…if you don’t have a pleasure device ladies. Get one”

 Let us talk about why vibrators are great for sexual empowerment, and why sexual empowerment is a fundamental part of being a woman…


Sexual self is part of who she is, her identity. I truly believe for a woman to be her full self, to operate at full capacity it is essential for her to be connected with their sexual selves. When women are sexually empowered, they become more empowered in all aspects of their life.  From work-life to their at-home life with their partners to even the way a woman holds herself as she walks down the street, she feels more confident, alive, and vibrant!


Our sexual empowerment does not just belong in the bedroom. There are many studies that have proven when women feel sexually empowered this empowerment overflows into other areas of her life. When women learn to speak their needs and boundaries of their sexuality, they will feel more confident, sexually alive and they become vibrantly connected with their sexuality. Subsequently, they may feel naturally more energy and more attractive within. So many clients tell me after they have gone through their self-empowerment journey, they no longer care if they wear makeup or not, they have radiance within, a magnetism, and people around them notice it! Lots of people give them compliments about how radiant and confident they are!


Sadly I believe we still live and work in a society that is not sex positive. We collectively as women need to work together to drive a forward momentum on changing the culture stigma of female sexuality. We have to start by allowing women to talk about and explore their sexuality in a non-judgemental way. The taboo nature of women’s pleasure and the inclination for women to hide or be embarrassed by it, needs to change. Positive sexuality is good for mental health. Women should orgasm regularly, with the science backing up the many health benefits of this practice. There is also a role we can play as women and mothers to coach our children to be brought up in an environment that is sex positive. Embracing their bodies and taught not to be shameful. But this is another blog on another day. A rich a deep discussion is needed to unpack the cultural imprints and conditioning on children!


 Self-pleasure is one of the most fundamental parts of sexual empowerment. It supports us to feel more sexually satisfied, promotes a better understanding and a stronger connection to our bodies and even supports better sex in long term relationships. 


For instance, when we make love with ourselves, we can understand our bodies better, find out what we like, what we want and how we would like to be touched and then we can communicate it in a clear way to our lover.  Not only that, when we are happy with our own sexuality we don’t depend as much on our partner to satisfy us and this can take away the pressure on the other partner. In turn, this means that the connection can be more fulfilled rather than needy and unsatisfied.

Pleasure devices are essential for our self-pleasure practice. They support to awaken more sensitivity helping us to massages on the inside of the vagina. We can do it with fingers but sometimes it is hard to reach deeper spots like the cervix or the back of the vagina and dildos make it easier. 

When we massage the internal walls of the vagina, we stimulate the blood flow and reduce tensions in the muscles which support us to awaken more sensitivity and the general well-being of our pelvic floor. 


Self-pleasure and self-touch are essential in sexual empowerment, and sexual empowerment is a necessary part of our life! It's a part of us, we have conditioned to think that it should just stay in the bedroom, but it overflows out of the bedroom.


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With love