the frenchman smile maker vibrator
the frenchman smile maker vibrator
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, the frenchman smile maker vibrator

smile makers the frenchman

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As far as we’re concerned, Smile Makers’ oral sex simulator is a game changer in the world of self-pleasure. The Frenchman is uniquely shaped with a thin, flexible tip, designed to replicate the gentle touch of a tongue. Providing you with your own portable French kiss for any and all of your erogenous zones. One rendezvous with The Frenchman and your mind will no longer drift to Champagne, baguettes and the Moulin Rouge when someone mentions France. Consider Paris now The City of Love and the City of Self-Love.


Oui love The Frenchman Smile Maker here at Happy Collective. We are always on the lookout for new ways to entertain ourselves, and when something completely different pops up, we get a little excited. Meeting The Frenchman was one of these times. Smile Makers have designed this amazing product to feature a thin, flexible tip at the end of the vibrator that channels the vibrations up from the motor in the base to create a flicking sensation at the tip that simulates gentle licking from a tongue. The incredible flexibility of the silicone means that you can control the level of pressure that is applied to the clitoris, making Smile Makers The Frenchman perfect for beginners or women who are more sensitive to direct clitoral stimulation. Combine this flexible functionality with the four different speed settings and two pulsation modes and you have all the ingredients at your disposal to create the perfect customisable experience to let The Frenchman take all your stresses away, just the way you like it. Another outstanding feature that we love about this product is that the innovative and unique design makes this tongue vibrator look like anything but a sex toy. We dare say that if you placed this baby blue beauty on your shelf, it wouldn’t raise a single eyebrow. You can’t say that about many vibrators. Now, The Frenchman is an oral sex simulator yes, and a very good one at that, but the thing with tongues is, they feel nice all over your body, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box, so to speak, and try it out anywhere you like to be kissed. Our bodies are covered in erogenous zones and it wouldn’t be fair to only treat one! Like all Smile Makers products, they are super quiet, waterproof, and completely body-safe, making any rendezvous with The Frenchman, safe, discreet, and completely satisfying. This amazing bedroom addition is perfect for solo play as well as foreplay. So, why not introduce The Frenchman to your partner and create your own cheeky ménage à trois?

Size: 14.6cm x 3cm

Smooth silicone

4 speeds and 2 pulsation modes

100% waterproof & body-safe

Super silent

Phthalate free

1 x AAA battery, 4 hours of fun (not included, the fun is, just not the battery)

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